Construction company Scenographies for TV, with more than 30 years of experience

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Scenographic construction company for TV in Madrid

We are specialists and professionals in the world of ephemeral architecture. We are a scenography construction company in Madrid. We manufacture sets and stage sets for television shows. Throughout our history, we have participated in the construction of sets and television sets for important national television networks, such as RTVE.

Design and assembly company for major events in Madrid

We apply all our knowledge to carry out large events, which in many occasions require large stages.

Stand design and construction company in Madrid

In addition, we are present at large fairs, with design stands. Our company is dedicated to the design and construction of all kinds of events, and construction of sets for television. We work for the most important television networks in Spain.

Ephemeral Architecture Company in Madrid

Team formed by professionals from different backgrounds; interior design and ephemeral architecture, marketing and communications, a team which combines skills to offer an integral service. We are specialists in set design, stand design and assembly and in design and construction of commercial spaces, a different concept within the sector. Always up to date with technological innovations, trends, regulations, materials and processes, working with the most advanced resources. Not forgetting the sustainability and care of the environment.

¿who we are?

we are creative

The quality of our work is the result of a search for excellence, efficiency and flexibility. The creation of spaces and emotions in each step we take.
We know the environment in which we operate: design, manufacture and assembly of ephemeral spaces thanks to our experience of more than thirty years, always with the same objective: the satisfaction of a job well done.

with experience

and commitment

The same enthusiasm in all the projects of space creation, large or small, always unique and personal. We believe in what we do. Each brand, each action is unique, as are our clients, who participate from the onset, entrusting their peace of mind to us.

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